Purpose and Calling

What’s Disciple’s Direction meaning and purpose??

Disciple’s Direction is the webpage/blog page I started that I share the Bible studies that God places on my heart as I grow in my walk everyday. I want to share with those that follow this page the importance of why I want to share these studies. Jesus commanded us to make disciples. A disciple is one that is learning from a teacher. The teacher we as followers of Christ learn from is from our God through His Word. The teachings we see throughout Scripture is for our growth spiritually. If you say you are saved, then you are a disciple, if you are a disciple then you should be learning more and more everyday about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. This isn’t done by just going to church but it is done through the only source we have to know who our God is, this is through the Word of God. So I came up with the name of this site to be Disciple’s Direction because as disciples of our Lord Jesus we should be learning through the Scriptures. I want to share the things that God is teaching me along my life journey so that you too as a disciple will grow in your walk with Christ.