My Testimony

God’s Glorious Salvation

Some of you know the story of my conversion and I would say that most of you do not. So for just a short explanation of the Friday night September 6,1996. This just being 20 days before my 20th birthday. I started that Friday night like any other night back in those days, looking to find a party to go to in which my first stop would be with some older friends that always supplied my alcohol needs. That night I would arrive to find them not in their normal mood of drinking but instead they wanted to just watch movies but this did not satisfy my fleshly craving. So i called some more friends to find hardly anyone to party with. I made a few stops after leaving my friends house and just couldn’t seem to find any enjoyment in anything that night. So for the first time in a long time I went back home because I just didn’t think I was feeling good, little did I know what God was doing in me at the time. I went home, to my parents surprise and remember turning on the TV to really not able to find anything interesting to watch. It was then that I remember a VHS that my Dad had given to me to watch sometime. When he gave it to me 6 months or so before hand I just stuffed in the back of my drawer. Up to this point all I knew about God was what my parents taught me and what little bit I heard at church as a young child. We didn’t go often but attended concerts where I remember hearing the Gospel preached. This knowledge I had was very basic but was the foundation of me knowing that I needed Jesus to get to Heaven. That night I played that tape and listened to 1 message that got me really thinking where I would spend eternity if I was to die that night. So I moved on to the next message and it was at the end of that message that the preacher gave an invitation message that had me knowing that if I was to take my last breath then I would spend eternity in Hell. It wasn’t because of the things I was doing that would send me to Hell but the simple fact that I could never be good enough to pay the penalty for my sins. I NEEDED A SAVIOR!!! That night as the preacher gave the invitation I knelt down beside my bed and accepted the gift of salvation that God offered to me through the sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ. God began at that moment to deliver me away from the party lifestyle and many other immoral things that surrounded my life at that time.

Just weeks later I got a call from my friends that I once hung out with, they were concerned about me because they hadn’t seen me in a few weeks. I told them what happened and it shocked them. I told them that I would come by and visit and talk about it a little more. During the 3 weeks I was away I had been reading the Bible as I learned and grew. My visit with them was unusual as they asked many question I couldn’t really answer. Because of me not knowing I told them I would go study and find the answers and would be back with answers for them. I say all of this to say that from that 1st time that I began to study the Bible I knew that God wanted me to study and would in fact be the primary way in which I would grow in knowledge and that this would be the avenue in which I would grow spiritually. So this was the very start of what has been a life long journey of learning the Bible and the story of redemption set out by God. I’ve taught Sunday School, have been a guest preacher at numerous churches, have been involved in nearly every area of ministry set out in the church and 4 years ago I started this blog in hopes that I could be used of God in this area. I never really got this blog going good 4 years ago but now hope that God will use this blog to help others to grow and understand the Bible. More importantly I hope that if anyone hasn’t trusted Jesus as their Lord and Savior that they would decide today to change this in your life. If you have any questions or any comments feel free to contact us at Disciple’s Direction. We look forward to serving you and helping each one to grow in their relationship with the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.