Welcome to Disciple’s Direction. We set out to teach the Bible through a verse by verse, expositional way of Bible studying. We at times will dive into topical studies, expositions of a book of the Bible or expositions of portions of Scripture.(Bible Studies Page) We are determined to bring the original meaning out of the text by looking at the original setting, the original language and the context of the Scriptures. The intent of doing this helps us to know what God wants us to know as it was written so we won’t find ourselves trying to interpret the Scriptures to fit our own style. Of course as we study God’s Word we hope that you can learn, apply and grow in your relationship with the Lord Jesus our Savior and to give glory to God. Disciple’s direction is designed to focus on the importance of being a disciple of Jesus Christ. This means that we must be committed to allow God to discipline us in the areas that we need, to teach us how to be more like the Lord Jesus Christ as we study His Word daily and to follow in holiness through obedience to God’s commands in the Bible.

You can listen to our podcast teachings on our Podcast Bible Studies Page where we have our exposition studies in the books of the Bible and other topic Bible study that we teach on the podcast. We also have discussion podcast where we talk about topics to help us to understand the importance of growing in Christ and to warn of the false teachings that are all around us. I hope that you will join us daily in opening up the Bible in worship to our Lord and God, Jesus Christ and allow the Holy Spirit to lead you away from sinful behavior into a life of purity and holiness for the glory of God.

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The Beatitudes Taught By Our Lord Jesus. EXPOSITION ON THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO LUKE study #50 (Luke 620-23) Disciple's Direction

  1. The Beatitudes Taught By Our Lord Jesus. EXPOSITION ON THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO LUKE study #50 (Luke 620-23)
  2. Exposing The False Gospel/Teachers. FOLLOWING THE TRUE GOSPEL=FOLLOWING THE TRUE JESUS. Study #5 (Revision of original study posted on 10-19-2021)
  3. What Living For The New Self Looks Like. EXPOSITION ON THE BOOK OF EPHESIANS study #21 (Ephesians 4:25-29)